Posted on: March 11, 2012 2:59 pm
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The Knicks Have quit on their coach!

The Knicks are in an obvious work stoppish and the Head Coach is allowing it,  Why I woulda put them all on the bench and lose with my young Players. That are hungry and appreicate the opportunity than to lose with my big money allstars, that are an embrassment to watch, the fans booed them.  Something's in the milk and Lin-burger I mean there are Players that are standing flat-footed and watching the enemy make slam dunks.  That is unexceptable I would have Atleast attempted to take a charge or wrap the man up and force him to point from the line.  I would think that the way the Kincks are not playing that there is a problem with Management and the Bargining Unit!  So if I was the Knicks Head Coach I'd put their behinds on the pine and lose with players that are trying, I woulda haha!  New York we have a problem bench the Player for poor proformance that they look up to and it will motivate the rest to do their best.  I mean some of the things the Knick players were doing or not doing properly deserve fines.  It's a coo or mutiny In the New York Basketball Program or are they just that sorry!
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Posted on: March 4, 2012 6:56 pm

Agile vengence

It is kinda humorous that the Heat got beat after trying to set the bad boy image!  I said in a previous article that the wrong Wade, did in the allstar game would come back on him and it did ten fold.  Now the game was good but it didn't live up to the expectations, Wade was trying to over compensate for the rude treatment the home team crowd greeted him with.  So I woulda managed my team and individuals better.  When I notice Wade beening overly aggressive trying to take the fans out of the game, i woulda took him out of the game.  No way I would have let any player stay in with that many fouls and not sit him down to save him for the push.  Also to talk to him and to keep him on a cool headed level. 
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